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Genesis: Creation & Covenant

Genesis literally means origin or beginning. It is the first book, the beginning, of the Bible. It details both the beginnings of history and the beginnings of the people the LORD was creating for himself. In the opening chapters we learn of the creation of the world and everything in it. Though Genesis features God’s creation it also describes the corruption of this creation through sin. However, God’s purposes would not be thwarted. He promised to redeem His people and His creation through the seed of Eve who would crush the serpent and his work. (Gen 3.15). Through this seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed (Gen 12.3). Genesis is the historical development and outworking of that promise despite obstacles that seemed to stand in the way. When we arrive at the New Testament we understand this promise would ultimately be realized in the promised seed Christ Jesus. In pointing forward to the Seed, Genesis lays the groundwork for understanding the rest of Scripture and looking forward to Christ.

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The Work Isn't Done

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The Christ of Christmas

Prophet, Priest, and King were Israel's three most important offices. The prophet spoke God’s word to the people; the priest offered sacrifices for himself and the people; the king represented God's authority over the people. However, God promised that a better prophet, faithful priest, and righteous king would come speak, sacrifice, and rule. This Christmas, join us as we look at God’s Old Testament promises and how Jesus Christ is the better prophet, faithful priest, and righteous king.

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