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Jesus: King of Heaven and Earth

Who is Jesus? From the one true God, moral teacher or philosopher, ahistorical myth or a “crutch for weak people”, there are so many diverse and polarizing answers to this question in the world today. But, who is Jesus…really? Matthew, one of Jesus’ disciples, writes his gospel account in such a way to help us answer this all-important question. Join us in our new series as we seek to grow in our understanding and commitment to the Jesus as revealed in Scripture: the King of Heaven and Earth.

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Good News From The Psalms

With Covid-19 spreading across the world good news is scarce but when we turn to the Bible good news flows from every page. During this series we will be specifically looking at the good news that comes from the book of Psalms.

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Stand Alone Sermons

At Renovation we love to have guest speakers come and preach. These sermons are from various guests that we have had throughout the years.

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