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Philippians: I Will Rejoice

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Together On Mission

Sinclair Ferguson wrote, “Knowing who we are will shape how we live. Conversely, not knowing who we are as Christians will leave us muddled and confused in our lifestyle.” In this series we want to explore what the Scriptures teach about who we are and why we exist. Our prayer is that we will embrace our identity as Christ’s people made by mercy for God’s mission.

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Under the Sun: A Study of the Book of Ecclesiasties

We all want to know what life is all about. Why do we exist? Is there meaning in the world? How can we act wisely? Questions like these have been asked since the beginning of time. But, we live in a complicated world affected by sin. Trying to make sense of our world is exhausting. But, we must consider what it means to Live Under the Sun. As a church, we look to Ecclesiastes for life’s questions and God’s answers.

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