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We Shall Be Like Him

Why does God save? Is it simply “so we can go to heaven?” God’s reason for saving people includes yet surpasses the hope of heaven. He wants to transform us into the image of His Son Jesus! In this 6-week series on sanctification, we will look at how Christ is at work in us by His Spirit, through His Word, with His Church, and in our suffering. On the start of another decade in the 21st century, let’s turn our hearts toward God’s glorious end when we see Jesus. For when we see Him, we shall be like Him.

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Jesus: King of Heaven and Earth

Who is Jesus? From the one true God, moral teacher or philosopher, ahistorical myth or a “crutch for weak people”, there are so many diverse and polarizing answers to this question in the world today. But, who is Jesus…really? Matthew, one of Jesus’ disciples, writes his gospel account in such a way to help us answer this all-important question. Join us in our new series as we seek to grow in our understanding and commitment to the Jesus as revealed in Scripture: the King of Heaven and Earth.

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You are probably concerned about your physical health, right? You know you stay away from those Tully’s tenders, don’t go to Glazed and Confused too often, and make sure you hit the gym. All to make sure that you are physically diagnosed healthy. How concerned are you with your spiritual health though? During our series Diagnosis, we are going to be asking you some pretty personal and deep questions about your relationship with Jesus all with the intention of diagnosing your spiritual health and growing your relationship with Jesus.

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