Welcome To Reno!

Visiting a new church is exciting, but can also be a little intimidating. To help you feel at home now, here are some things you can expect when you come. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Sunday morning service consists of various songs, prayers, and a sermon - all of which aim to point us to the greatness of God. Our philosophy of the Church is committed to the idea that there is only one church in Syracuse with multiple congregations. As a result, we also pray and partner with many other congregations here in Syracuse and around the world.

Worship with us this Sunday!

Service starts at 10 am-
Join us for coffee beforehand!

118 Josephine Street,
Syracuse, NY 13212

Map it!

Visitor parking in front,
additional parking in back.

Join us in Reno Kids

Renovation Kids provides a safe, welcoming environment for children during our worship services. Our desire is to go beyond childcare and partner with parents as they seek to raise their children. We believe that God longs for every child to have a repeated opportunity to hear and see the Gospel and to respond to it. We want to help kids love Jesus, represent Jesus and to live with the gospel at the center of their lives.

Connect with us

We believe it is very important for everyone to find a church home in which to belong. Consider taking these next steps to engage in community and get to know more about our beliefs.

1. Starting Point

Starting Point is the first step in learning more about the mission and vision at Renovation Church as well as a time to get to know the leadership. Starting Point is held every 3-4 months following our worship service from 12-1:30pm. Whether you just started attending Renovation Church, or have been here numerous times over the last few months, we’d love for you to join us at the next Starting Point.

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2. Missional Communities

Believing that life change occurs best in the context of relationships that are centered upon Jesus Christ, Renovation Church is a community that is relationally driven. We believe that Missional Communities (MC’s) provide an environment in which our values and the outcomes are cultivated. MC’s meet weekly and are centered around our four core values: God, Truth, Love and Mission. We recommend joining one closest to your local community, but if the meeting time for that group doesn’t meet your availability, feel free to join a group that does.

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3. Connecting Point

Connecting Point is a next step for those desiring to explore Renovation Church a little further or make steps toward membership. It is held every 3-4 month on two consecutive Sunday mornings from 8-9:30am in which we look at the Gospel, the nature and purpose of the church, the doctrine of Renovation, and what membership involves at Renovation Church.

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