Reach 315

Youth Ministry @ Reno

Reach 315 is "Formation Groups meets Missional Communities" as qualified adults at Reno come alongside parents with teenagers as an additional resource spiritual development & discipleship specifically geared toward middle and high school students [7th-12th grade].

Our vision for REACH315 can be seen in three main ways as we endeavor to...

Incorporate teenagers at Reno into the existing life of the church and its ongoing ministries & events, avoiding the trap of creating a separate group doing their own thing.

Develop youth leaders that come along-side parents in their responsibility to disciple their teens, avoiding the trap of taking their place.

Minister within the family's existing schedule in reaching out to their teen, avoiding the trap of competing with it and adding to it.

From Bryan & Tricia

"Why are we excited about Reach 315? Because discipleship is so important, no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord. Our church body is meant to not only help us grow more toward Christ, but also how to step out of our comfort zone to further serve others. Teens are no different. So we are exited to help create a new opportunity for discipleship that is simply an addition to what the families at Reno are already doing. I (Tricia) are also hoping to raise up a young impressionable army to do our bidding. But that’s more of a ‘second tier’ goal."See ya soon!Bryan & Tricia :)