Mission & Vision

To participate in the redemption and transformation of the Northern suburbs of Onondaga County by:

1. Leading a church that will:

Exist for the glory of God.
Take seriously its responsibility to present the gospel to every man, woman and child in its designated geography.
Mobilize its people to pursue intimacy with God and demonstrate that in the way the live and in the decisions that they make.

2. Partnering with missional churches and denominations who proclaim the gospel and who take seriously their responsibility to present it to every man, woman and child.

3. Planting missional churches throughout the Northern suburbs and the region to be agents of transformation.

The desire in planting Renovation Church is to respond to God’s call to be part of His redemptive work in bringing people to faith in Christ. Our hope is that people throughout Central New York (781,839), New York State (19,254,630), the United States of America (302,000,000) and the World (6,500,000,000) will be changed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.