Formation Groups

What Are Formation Groups?

Formation Groups are intended to provide another vehicle where discipleship can occur. The goal is to make disciples who would make disciples. Our definition of a disciple is someone who is pursuing conformity to Jesus Christ as they grow in the five outcomes. Formation Groups meet 2x per month and last for 9-12 months each year. Each group is committed to growing in the 5 outcomes and making disciples.

The Process


necessary material that every disciple must know


modeling and access to the disciplers life


the one being discipled eventually starts discipling others

How do Formation Groups Work?

Groups of 2-4 meet together and focus on the following as outlined in Formation Group schedule:

1. Reading books for theological growth
2. Memorizing Scripture
3. Interaction with the Discipleship Roadmap

The Discipleship Roadmap is a working document that is meant to be filled out on the front end and every month following. The intention is to have access and accountability for the growth and maturation of the outcomes in a disciples life. This resource is referred to regularly through the life of the Formation Group.

In addition, these groups are intended to foster genderspecific accountability as men and women can keep each other accountable respectively.

Ready to Join a Formation Group?

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