Pray for Afghanistan

Brandon Swain   -  

As most of you have seen by now Afghanistan is in utter chaos. The Taliban in a matter of days have toppled the country’s government and urban centers. The situation there is dire for all the citizens. The stories coming from the pastors there are heartbreaking. I saw one quote from an email sent from a pastor saying “most of us expect to meet Jesus this week.”


To say we need to pray for the Afghan people and the church there is an understatement. That is what this post is a call to pray. What it is not is an attempt to jump on the latest pray for (insert tragic event here) trend. This is a call to be in prayer for all the nations of our world. So often we are consumed by what is going on in the US that we forget to pray for those in other countries. Below are some great resources to help you pray for Afghanistan. These resources will also help you add prayer for other countries into your daily routine.  Take some time and read over these resources. Then please consider subscribing to Operation World’s daily prayer newsletter. Each day they highlight different prayer points for other countries around the world.




Operation World – Afghanistan Prayer Resources


Afghan Pastors Ask for Prayer


How to Pray for Afghanistan—and the Taliban 


Now take a moment and pray.