Eastwood Missional Community

June 10 - September 16  |  The Fordham's

521 Wendell Terrace Syracuse, NY 13203

Believing that life change occurs best in the context of relationships that are centered upon Jesus Christ, Renovation Church is a community that is relationally driven. We believe that Missional Communities (MC’s) provide an environment in which our values and the outcomes are cultivated.

MC’s meet weekly and are centered around our four core values: God, Truth, Love, and Mission. There are currently three locations to choose from. We recommend joining one closest to your local community, but if the meeting time for that group doesn’t meet your availability, feel free to join a group that does.


Eastwood MC Info

– Meeting Time: Thursday’s @ 7:00pm
 Graciously Hosting: Ethan & Gabby Fordham
– Humbly Leading: Summer Leader George Beinetti


If you’re interested in more information, feel free to email us.